Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Welcome to Baker's Acres of Chenango

This is our first, of many more to come, blog posts about our simple life here on our farm. Our life is a good old country life that works for that simple back road lifestyle. We're into sheep, chickens, beef, raising our 3 (soon to be 4) kids, our Cheasapeake Retriever, and vintage Airstreams. Welcome!


  1. Really enjoyed the VAP from last night. Nothing is better than a good black tank story! It really must have given your "mute" button a good workout. The Frankenstein images were great. Imagining Colin looking into his porta-potty and getting blasted was hilarious (as were all of the stories).

    Peace to you and your family as Baker 4 gets ready to enter the world...

  2. Very pretty pictures! Your farm looks wonderful. Tami

  3. Rob, I love the pictures, your farm brought me right back to my childhood on the farm and to my brother (who still farms)and his stories of auctions! Love the vintage airstreams and vehicles too...very nice.