Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just got a spreader

Just purchased a small ground driven (I think it's a Cockshutt) spreader.

Here I am on the lower field down by County Route 16 spreading the first load.

She's spreadin fine.. perfect size for our Farmall Super A.

Putting on the new rear chains.

As pulled off the trailer. Not bad for $100.

Today, I mucked the stalls after I worked on our new little ground driven spreader. It needed new chains to the rear end. Two full loads today. The stalls are mucked. Lots of fun tinkering away on this. Enjoy.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Old picture of house

Here's a picture of our house from long ago. We'll be looking at putting it back this way in the future. Enjoy. Where's Frank - my awesome cabinet maker Frank, when I need him!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Some more pictures

The berated old 52 Studebaker

The 73 Sovereign

Out behind the barn.

Looking up to on the hill.. there's Steve's 64 Airstream Trade Wind

Picture from the side hill out back. Looking back to the barn and house.

This is where I'm planting our 800 cloves of garlic - Hard Stem.

Today's auction purchase.

Another of today's auction purchases.

Here's another auction purchase.. an old De Laval cream seperator.

And here's our big purchase for the day... an old pine cupboard for the kitchen, or den, or where
ever Zoe' desires!

Friday, October 9, 2009

A nice fall time here on the farm!

Braedon falling in the mud!

The house up on the hill through the fields!

The silence of the pond

I love this time of year - trees are loaded - Crab apples!

Nice reflections.

Our closest neighbor.

A time to reflect!

We'll have McIntosh trees planted for next year - these apples are good - just not really big.
The deer path goes right underneath!

I love this time of year.

Very wet this time of year. And green!

Our barn.

Looking back at the house.

View from the pool area.

Looking north.

Fall is here.. planting garlic, raking leaves, mowing for I hope the last time in the yard. Getting things ready for a good winter's keep!