Saturday, September 11, 2010

Did you say Bill The Goat?

This is Bill......Bill the Goat. He is the Naval Academy mascot. This is my husband alma mater.....Let me go back a little and explain this a little better.....

We decided to take the kids this summer to a local fair in Madison County. It was a typical small town fair where you often run into people that you know, see the same things every year but go anyway just for the fun of it. When we got there we noticed that there also happened to be a Fiber Festival taking place. This was very exciting to me. We noticed that the farm that our Baby Dolls were from was being represented by some very cute sheep and the very friendly owner. There were Alpaca's, sheep, cashmere goats and Angora goats. We have talked on and off about adding goats to the farm here but weren't to sure what way we wanted to head with them....fiber, meat, or milk.

On our way home from the Fiber Festival we talked about how neat the Angora goat was. Suddenly Rob looks at me and say "Bill! I think that's what Bill the Goat is!" Upon arriving home Rob was on the computer in a flash and sure enough that was Bill alright! Suddenly Rob was taking a real interest in getting goats!

While camping up North Rob had located a family run farm that just happened to have two Buckling's for sale. He really wanted to go and see them and we were game! On our way home from our camping trip we stopped. What a great experience. The family was so welcoming and full of great experience and information that they happily shared with us. Lets just say that they were so cute, we came how with two.

Adult Angora
Angora goats at a glance look much like sheep to many people. They have a very curly haired "Rasta" effect fiber. They are actually sheared like a sheep and the fiber reaped from them is Mohair. This is often mixed with wool. This of course falls right into the things I'm interested in. I'm working hard to build up fiber for spinning. This I was in hopes would be a wonderful addition.
These little guys are yet to have names but are very sweet. They come when you call and follow you anywhere! They are a great addition to our little farm family here. We are contacting a local person tomorrow in hopes of setting up fall shearing. I hope that after this shearing of everyone that I will have enough to send off to a mill. We will keep you posted on names and fiber. We would love to hear any name ideas that you have!

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