Friday, June 11, 2010

Enjoying the Farm

Things have been very busy here at the Farm. We have had a swing in the weather that has kept us in for a couple of day due to the rain which was much needed. We had quite a stretch without any rain to refresh our little farm. Now we have had a soaking and things are greener, and growing wonderfully! I love seeing the garden and just how much it has grown. I've always found it exciting to see the earth come to life!
We are very busy getting the grounds ready for our big and exciting event known to many as "The Birthday Bash" please check it at, and join in the fun! We have a day that is open to the public and would love to see you all there! This will be a fun filled event that has been created to celebrate the joys of camping, travel, memories both past and those in the making! Its focus is on that of Airstream's and those that enjoy them.
Our sheep are all doing well and have been growing like weeds and loving life here at Bakers Acres! I'm still in search of a Finn Ram that I can use this fall....this is proving to be harder then I ever thought that it would be. Seems that there aren't to many Finn Breeders that are in NY so finding and unrelated Ram is currently a thorn in my side so to speak! I do have high hopes the still locate one before fall.
Our chickens are really turning into beautiful birds. Our first batch are very lively! Soon they will hitting 15 weeks which means that soon eggs will be arriving! We have however found that we have at least 4 Roosters! UGH! These will have to be thinned out. They are all very pretty and we enjoy watching them but two are rather aggressive toward the hens and I would like to relocate them.....I would like to keep one or two of the Marans for breeding. The chicks that we hatched are growing like crazy! They are trying to patiently wait for their new coop to arrive and the 20 other chicks that we have are now out of the brooder and soon will be ready for a coop as well. They are all hens and will be wonderful egg layers.
Our garlic is beautiful! I will be cutting Scape's tomorrow and plan on putting them to good use. The smell is wonderful and I'm really looking forward to cooking with them. Next year when we have our farm stand is up and running we will be able to share them with you!
All and all we have been loving life here on the Farm. Watching our children grow, our farm grow and our lives grow! It can't get much better then this!

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  1. Sounds like fun! We might have to come for the fireworks!