Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Christmas Turkey

As the holidays approach it is clear why heritages birds had become hard to find. For those who wanted to raise birds that were giant with large meaty breasts a plain run of the mill white fast grower is what you ran off to the store to buy. We how ever are enjoying our birds for longer.....they are not fast growers and are not hopped up on medicated feed. They enjoy the grass on their feet, sun on their face and a good scratch on the head from one of the boys!

Heritage breeds grow slower and leaner=healthier. We allow all of our bird outdoor time everyday to were many of your store bought bird have never seen grass, sun or felt the wind in their feathers. Its sad really and that is one reason we decided that it was so important for us to start now with our boys young showing them the right way to raise animals and food for the table.

In our area it's not all that easy, without a little digging to find a person with heritage birds and if you find one nine times out of ten they will talk your ear off about all the wonderful reasons that they like them.....I would anyway. The idea of helping bring back a breed that was almost a memory is one of the main reasons I was so interested in them. Not to mention all the health reasons. If you are lucky enough to find that person that is raising heritage birds and actually has some for sale don't think twice about it, grab them and rush home to get them settled in. Make no mistake however raising a heritage breed is a commetment it takes longer which mean it cost more. But it's worth it in the end, believe me.

Frank the Christmas Turkey-as you enjoy the up dated picture of our turkeys and how much they have grown please enjoy this fabulous song! It is a favorite in our house! While listening Frank is the big guy in the back on the left!

We hope that in the spring of 2011 they will happily lay fertile eggs for us to hatch and help our population grow. I would like to add a couple other heritage breeds as well if I'm lucky enough to find them. Our holiday season of 2011 and we will be happy to set our own home grown turkey on the table to give Thanks. What an amazing life we are so lucky to live. To grow and enjoy our own food!

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