Thursday, October 7, 2010

Garlic Garlic Garlic

We had a great garlic crop this year and are really excited about next years crop! It was our first year growing our own garlic and we were really pleased with the outcome. We are about to get the ground ready for the planting our next years crop. The chicken tractor has been parked in the "garden" area threw the summer! They have been earning their keep by working the ground over good for us! We are adding at least one more type of hard stem to the variety.

We are still taking orders for Garlic at this time. Please contact us at We will be happy to send out your order. Be sure to let us know which type you would like and if you are looking for large or small bulbs. We have been enjoying pickled garlic and roasted garlic! Yum! The garlic from Bakers Acres has such a wonderful taste! Give it a try!

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