Friday, January 7, 2011

Farmer John and Jason

For the last two days I had been trying to set up a meeting time with Farmer John to see his wonderful goats. He has several listed for sale and I really wanted to try to arrange to get a couple. When I was in contact with him and he offered us the chance to come and see the goats first hand I jumped at it. I was thrilled at the chance to meet him and see just how he does things, ask questions from someone with years of experience and knowledge in an area that I'm just getting started in and that we are so very interested in. The plan was made to meet him around 4:30pm Friday.

Friday arrived and I found myself loaded in the car with four boys, a dog and all that we needed to stay for one night at our final destination point in VT. The problem was that my husband was still in a teleconference and the snow was starting to really come down. As the clock ticked and my worry of never even leaving the driveway started to consume me. Finally he arrived at my window and said we were ready. A quick call to Farmer John to see if us arriving a little later then planned would be ok and we were on our way!

Farmer John is the owner of 110 goats that we later found out were all breed and partner Jason greeted us. John was out plowing as the snow was coming quickly came down around us. It was pretty - all that snow and the soft glow of light coming out of the barn door.

I have to admit I was a little nervous that they would look at us as if we were crazy, arriving in a snow storm for starters, later then we had planned due to the weather and as we started to get out of the car......the trail of children we brought with us...... To my relief they didn't blink an eye and my nerves were set at ease

The barn was amazing. As we walked in we were greeted by all the animals that clearly adored John and Jason. Poka Spot that is shown above was a big hit with my boys. She was nose to nose with all three of the older boys and they couldn't get enough of her.

John has a list a ready for us to choose from, names, parents, milking records tons of info that was really helpful. When it comes right down to it the boys who play a very active role in all that we do on the farm had the final say and for them it was based on looks. Stanton loved Holly since she had one horn and Bryce adored Domineak-and I know I'm killing the spelling here sorry about that. Both with wonderful colors and eager to come when called and both breed.

John and Jason were so very kind as to give us a tour of the barn. The milking room, the milk room the chicken Jason has made some wonderful things that are so useful for the helping the barn run smoothly. They are like a well oiled team. You really should take the time to check out their websites and blogs to see all that they have done, do and how they care for their animals. In my head it what a farm looks like.

As well loaded our troops in the the truck that was pointed in the direction of VT we thanked them again, shook hands with happy smiles on our faces and talked of when we would come back to pick up the girls. As we pulled away I have to admit I was a little sad that we couldn't have stayed longer heard more stories of the work that they do and the plans that they have......I can't wait to go back.

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