Saturday, January 15, 2011

Slow and steady.......

Even with the threat of sever cold weather around the corner and more snow in the forecast the trusses were raised today for the Sugar Shack! Rob his brother Marc and friend Matt got to work in the snow and the wind to get all eight trusses up. This was no easy feat as the trusses were dropped of at the edge of our dead end dirt road in front of house. The truck was too massive and there was to much snow to really have to much more of an option. The guys then had the daunting task of lugging them from down in front of the house up and around to the location threw the snow. They of course managed just fine!

this photo shows Marc up and Matt on the ground

The trusses are all in place now and the fun will so begin. They have the window and door placement pretty much planned and the roof coloring I think has been chosen as dark green. Now to see if we can be the sap run? Spring is a busy beginning for us here at Bakers Acres this year. Not only will the sap be running but we will be having baby lamb and kids being born here on the farm for the first time! The excitement is almost too much. There is much to do to get ready for the season! We can't wait!

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