Friday, November 11, 2011

Our work horse and Sugar Shack

Here's our work horse and a few photos of our sugar shack that is coming together quite nicely. All the siding, flooring and lumber (except for poles and trusses) was cut and sawed out from our Hemlock trees here on the farm. It's a 16x24 structure and will be so much better boiling and processing our sap next spring!! The sliding door on the front is from my grandfather's barn that fell down last winter due to snow load! The windows are from our house when we replaced them. The entryway door is also from our house and the wood door on the back is also from my grandfather's barn. The goal is to paint it red w/ green trim to match the roof.

The floor boards still need to be nailed down and the 2x6 evaporator needs to be installed into its final location and smokestack installed as well.

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  1. Great job Rob and Zoe! We have been building here too, we built a garage we call "Belle's Barn" for Belle (our 1966 Tradewind), no more winters for her she will be nice and cozy! Now if I can just set aside the time to give her a fresh polish!