Sunday, September 9, 2012

So Much Time Has Gone By.....

So much time has gone by.......where to begin......I think that with all we have done since our last post that I will just touch on some highlights. 

   Our little Hobby Farm has been growing and changing so much!  Its become this wonderful haven for us and those that come to visit.  Our biggest and newest news is that our farm stand is up and running.  It is a wonderfully cute custom built building that combines wood from our own woods that we had milled and wood from my husband grandfathers barn that no longer stands.  This brings it closer to our hearts as his grandfather had and amazing farm stand that most people in the area remember fondly and know by name, Stanton's Farm Market.  Please feel free to check it out on Facebook where we try to keep you posted on all of our update of produce and goodies that we have to offer. 
   We had an amazing Spring filled with loads of lovely baby animals.  We heard the sweet song of little peeps coming from our hatched out chicks which is always exciting! The soft sounds of baby lambs and kids filled the barn as well.  There just is nothing like the joy and excitement of baby animals.  This year we had six lamb born, 5 Finn and 1 Southdown Babydoll.  Our goats did amazing this year with numbers, it was shocking!  We had a total of 13 kids born here at the farm and we brought five home to join us from other farms. We added 7 pigs this spring as well that are growing like mad and will be headed off to the butcher come Nov. to fill our freezer and that of others. 
   This year we took on the chore of putting up our own hay.  Considering it was our first year doing this, with the help of our four boys and some family we were able to do a pretty good job!  We are still hoping to put up a second cutting if the quickly changing weather allows us.
   Our Sugaring Off went well this year and we really put the new Sugar Shack to good use!  New equipment will be added this fall to the Shack to make the process that much easier for us.  We found a magically talented company that designed custom bottles for us with the picture of our fabulous farm on it. They are one of the many personal touches we like to add to anything that leaves our farm with a visitor.  We were lucky enough to also have lovely labels made for the honey jars we are excited to be able to fill from the bees that we also added to our farm!  They have had a very busy summer working the wild flowers and the garden and our hives I'm happy to say are growing very nicely!
   I will work at getting some of our new photos that are just breath taking of our animals and new growth here at the Farm on the blog.  We hope to keep you interested in our blog with more timely posts that will  help you to live threw our eyes and story telling of our life here as growing family and growing hobby farm!  And who knows, maybe you will want to come and make a visit the farm.

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