Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of......

When Rob called and said that he was on his way home with something for the boys and I there was nothing that I could think of that it could be......then he told me that he hoped "they" didn't get out the the boxes......that was when I really got interested!
Anyone that knows my husband knows that he can't keep a secret! He loves to try but just can't do it because he loves to let it all out too! He told me that when he went to look at a new mower for one of the tractors that the very nice gentleman had tons of one of my favorite birds, Guinea Hens! They are just so different looking and sounding how could you not be attracted to them?

Rob told me that the man had so many to choose from it was hard to pick. He brought home a mix of male, female and colors! I was so excited! They were very nervous but we got them settled in for the night and they seemed cozy and relaxed. They are currently comfortable in a horse stall until we have another out door coop ready for them! The boys were thrilled with them. We had bought chick early fall last year and raised them. Sadly when we lost our chickens to some rotten animal that snuck in during the night and robbed us of all but two of our wonderful birds. These are about 6months old and so pretty. I always thought that the traditional image in my head of this bird was my favorite one.....I'm thinking now that I just love the pale almost silvery colored!
With a little luck we maybe lucky enough to raise some in the spring from their eggs! That would be wonderful too! They are wonderfully helpful birds that will clean out fleas and ticks, not to mention many other bugs in a heart beat! They are much more of a timid bird as to where our chickens in the past were very much "Pets". And the sound! Wow wee the hills are alive with the sounds of....hum....racket! And I love it!

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