Saturday, March 13, 2010

Maple trees tapped and Syruping

Here's a nice photo Zoe' took after the last sowstorm, our only real good storm of the year!

The SAP is a runnin at Baker's Acres of Chenango!

A little fire on the fire pit... boiling some sap the old fashioned way.

Bought this old Leader Evaporator 2x6 for boiling the sap... gonna use it for the last boil of the year!! I'll rebuild it for next year!

We've got a few trees tapped this year. Next year we'll go alot bigger... but this year, to get into the spirit of Syrup'ing it, here are a few pictures. The boys are enjoying it. Here' are the 4 Baker Boys out enjoying the snow, from left to right, Finn, Stanton, Braedon and Bryce.

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