Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Arrivals

Some of our Maran eggs and Ameraucana Eggs

We have about 40 eggs being held cozy and warm waiting for hatch day!!! We are counting down and just can't wait!

Our little flock!

Our new chicks are now cozy in their box. I woke up several times during the night to the little peeps and cheeps of them happily moving about their box. It's always a sound that I love to hear in the house. They are so cute at this stage, it's before the crazy dino-bird stage where the baby feather are filling the air every time that they move and they have decided to truly stink like birds so often can. They are cute and cuddly.....But like children they grow to fast. We have 17 little chicks and the sex is unknown. As many of you know I have avoided roosters. In fact if you were to ask any of our boys what a rooster is they would say dinner! I however have decided that a couple roosters for breeding stock just might be a great idea! We will see how I feel after the eggs have hatched and just how many we end up with beside what we currently have under the warming lamp....hum.....what am I getting into?! Yet again those of you that know Rob and I know that we are always jumping in with both feet and ready to go! The roosters of course are so wonderful to look at and since the boys are the main caregivers of the current chicks they too have decided that a rooster or two to show at the fair could be fun!
We were very lucky to have found the the wonderful farm that we did! My husband did great research and was able to find a place that he knew would just be great. After a crazy drive there, moments of being lost, moments of being pretty sure that we were going to slip into a roaring creek, and a couple of moments of "could a place this good actually be true ?" had passed we took couple of deep breaths signed and stopped to ask for help! Thanks to the kindness of other people we managed to get back on track and go the stones throw that was required to get there!
Upon arrival it was just what we had hope! An amazing farm to look at and experience! A must for anyone in the area that is interested in farming, animal raising and meeting wonderful people. We had and appointment to meet with Will who was not only a wealth of information but a down to earth wonderful person! As we left and made our long trip home in the rain we kept talking about their farm and how we could better ours.......the door is open for us and there is so much to consider!
So we start our chicken flock again......we never thought when we started our last flock that we could be so saddened by the loss of our fantastic past flock....we are thrilled to have this chance to start up again and can't wait for hatch day! We are counting down and will keep you posted as our chicks grown and as our eggs surprise us!

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