Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Natures Treat

The out come of our new adventure so far is pretty good. There is a large pot of sap boiling down as I type this......yummy! Natures treats are always the best! My husband has a real passion for this hobby and I believe that he and the boys will make this into not only a wonderful memories but into a small family run business.
The wonderful sunshine that we are getting is helping the small amounts of sap that is running today. With the nights warming up above freezing we are sadly not finding much in our lovely buckets. They are calling for a cooler week this coming week we will have to wait and see if the sap will pick up or if it's done for the season. Either way this was a wonderful adventure for us to try! Not only fun and tasty but great time spent together! Rob has been collecting the supplies that will be needed for next years sap run and has high hopes for a wonderful little sugar shack! Keep an eye out for Natures Treats from Bakers Acres!


  1. Yum! How much are you charging? I'll take some!

  2. LOL! We are thinking of the Farmers market, a little booth with this, eggs, and our garlic that is starting to pop up!!!! We also have high hopes for strawberries and a great veggie garden!