Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Soft Souls....

This is Kizzy and Oreo. They are our Finn Sheep. We got them about a year ago from a lovely women by the name of Mary at Hut on the Hill in New Woodstock. This should be the time of year that we should be expecting baby lambs. Finns are known for having "litter" of lambs. Kizzy was expecting early on and after the birth of her twins only one survived.....we were given the option to get them as a set and took it! Our sheep are not expecting this spring . We hope to have them both bread for next spring after locating a ram. I was expecting at the time and lambs had to take a back seat this spring. We would love to locate some more from other Finn Farms to add to our flock.

Sheep are something that I have had a soft spot for a long time. I wanted to find a breed of sheep that loved being with people as much as any pet and these are just that kind of sheep. They come to you when you call and are so very happy to hear you. They are soft to the touch and have such sweat soft souls.

I have far off dreams of skirting, carding and spinning.......

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