Sunday, May 16, 2010

All Welcome......

A friend and I were talking the other day and she started to chuckled, "Zoe'" she said "you need to hang out a shingle that says 'All wayward animals welcome'" I laughed at this at the time....I'm starting to think that she was right!

This is Cordelia.

Our four new Bottle Babies have settled in nicely and seem to be loving it here. I think that the Twins have almost tripled in size! They are doing so good and are just so very cute. We have one more lamb yet to come who is also a Babydoll. We are really looking forward to adding her to the mix. She is a nice dark color and I have to admit that I just love the sheep with nice rich colors! In fact until I saw the 6 little while lambs that we have now I'm not to sure that I would have planed on while lambs but these six once I laid my eyes on them there was no turning back!

Feeding time!
The boys have had a blast helping with the animals and they have play such an important roll. They have learned how to make bottles, how to change the amounts when needed, amounts of other foods such as hay, grain and water that is needed. They have been reading tons on raising and showing lambs as well. This is all new and exciting to them! This is something special that I can do with them. Not only are we making memories every day but they are are growing and becoming such well rounded young men. They are learning life lessons that they wouldn't learn any other way.

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