Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A great little helper

This amazing little thing majorly helped me out with the "Bottle Babies". These are called Pritcherd Nipples and they are smaller then the normal sheep bottle topper. I was introduced to it by one of the owners of the Border Cheviot's. She told me how wonderful they were and was kind enough to pass a couple of them on to me. After seeing just how great they were I headed to the store to invest in some more. I also transitioned the Daisy and Maisy (the Babydolls) over to them. The first feeding they weren't sure but by the second it worked great for them and the transition proved to be very simple.

One of the great things about this bottle top is just that it fit on some "people" drink containers like soda, and bottled water. This is very helpful since that allows you to have the right sized bottle to hold all of the milk that the sheep require which saved a lot of time for me and them. They all were able to drink from them at a nice speed as well and they were easy to clean. As far as I'm concerned they were a great find and I was grateful for being passed down some! I would recommend them to anyone with baby sheep!

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