Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Made for pictures

Now look at this oh so cute face! That is a face made for pictures! This cute little addition will be joining us once she is able to leave her mother. She is so very cute. I just can't wait to get her here! She is also a Babydoll that is coming from the same home that the Twins, Daisy and Maisy came from. She is going to make a perfect addition here.

This picture was taken this evening as the babies were still enjoying the wonderful green spring grass. They all seem to be getting along really well together. All of the babies seem to be a nice tight group and they are enjoying the same field right now that the two big girls have. As soon as they spotted me they all came running. They seem to love all of the hands on. The Twins aren't even getting bottles anymore but love to pet and fussed with and let me tell you attention they surely get!
Our flock is really growing. I'm already looking to the furture when the little ones are all big enought to be mama's and papa's.

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  1. Oh my goodness... I see why this little lamb gets that name. So sweet and it looks like a stuffed animal.