Sunday, May 23, 2010

Quack, Qauck Waddle Waddle

Quack Quack

Our ducks are grown into their beautiful water feathers. They now have a real "Quack" about them as well. Sadly they can't head to the pond. While Rob was down fishing with the boys the other day he spotted a very large (12inches around) Snapper. Knowing the damage that they can do to young water foul we have decided that until he is removed the ducks will have to enjoy a kiddy pool. We were really looking forward to introducing them to the pond but for now we will have to wait for now.
Beginnings of a Raspberry Patch
We have been working on getting a Raspberry Patch, Blueberry Patch and and Apple Orchard started. We will have to use some TLC to be sure that everything really gets settled in and takes hold but so far we are seeing progress and we are looking forward in the years to come enjoying all of the wonderful gifts they will all give us.

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