Friday, May 21, 2010

Who Said That It Was To Early To Plant?

I find it interesting.....people even if they don't garden seem to keep wanting us to start our garden only around Memorial Day. No sooner several people have said. Hum.....We started ours weeks ago! We did some reading on Cold weather planting and what are good early spring plants to get in the ground that can handle the frost that is still to come. I'm happy to share some of the photos of what we have peeping out so far!

They must be tasty since we are have three rabbits that visit them every morning and every evening.....we will need to come up with a fencing system .

Rob is just having wonderful luck with the onions that he planted! He planted both Red and White . They are growing wonderfully! A dear friend of mine was telling me that she was heading out to get onion sets and hoped that she would get them in the ground in two weeks.....I didn't have the heart to tell her that our we grown wonderfully and coming along very ahead of schedule.

Now these the rabbits love!!!!! They seem to hop up and down the row all the I'm very impressed that they are looking as great as they do! Rob may say that his favorite color is red but he sure has a green thumb!

I think that with the right planning on good cold weather plants you are fine to start early. We are having good luck so far and when there are frost warnings we will take them to heart and be sure to cover. As for now we are enjoying watching everything in the garden come to life!

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