Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Babydolls that don't wear dresses

One evening while reading the Hobby Farm magazine I noticed in the back where all the ads are that I love to check out for fun that "Babydoll" sheep were listed. There was a small description attached letting you know that there were small as adults known for their wonderful smile and very lovable. I went right to the computer and had to look them up and knew at that moment that some day Baker's Acres would have some of these wonderful little sheep!
I began the search for somewhere local or at least in the state that had them. I located a small handful of places with very cute pictures on line. After contacting them and finding that the waiting list was very long and the price was very high I thought that maybe we would have to pass......this was a major disappointment. Not only to me because I thought that they were dear but for the boys. I had though that these sheep being that they don't get as big as some other breeds would be great for the boys to have as their first show animals with 4H! I wasn't going to give up yet....I kept searching.....then I stumbled onto a website with a local address! I contacted the owners after checking out their nice website,, and was put on a list to be contacted when babies could be chosen! I also followed them on facebook to see all the new baby pictures! It was all very exciting!
When the email came that all the babies were born we made plans to visit. We went the day before Easter and it was wonderfully sunny and a great day to be out and about! We were greeted by the owner Mindy who was very welcoming and as we listened to all of the information that she had to share with us it was clear that raising sheep was something she had a passion for! The lambs were so cute and she had 14 very adorable ones to choose from.

These are twin girls that sadly were orphaned by the unexpected passing of their mama. Even before knowing their story their darling faces caught you eye. All of the babies were wonderful but my eye kept returning to the "bottle babies" (the twins and another known as Polly) and a little black cute and little.
As we were getting ready to leave the farm we had decided that we would happily take the twin girls! I would have loved to fill the fields at our farm.......After we got home I contacted Mindy and asked it the little black ewe was still available and we were thrilled to find out that she was and took the chance right away to say yes! I still think of the other "bottle baby" and hope that she finds a wonderful home.......if it's not ours.....

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