Saturday, April 24, 2010

Daisy and Maisy

This is Maisy.
This is Daisy.

We were thrilled to bring home the twins today! We went to Mindy's farm The Old Homestead in West Edmeston, to pick them up. We were more them excited! This is a farm that you should visit if you can. They are taking part in an Open Farm Day July 24th starting at 9am. Anyone that loves sheep, wool and honey should attend!
After getting the girls settled in we spent time just sitting with them letting them get used to us and our smell and our sounds. When it was time to feed them it was a true treat! Not only did we all enjoy the thrill of feeding them but we hope that this will help to create a bond with them.

They will certainly not be lonely. The boys will be sad to head back to school on Monday and have to spend time away from them. He boys have high hopes for showing animals at the fair this year! It's a true joy to be able to share all of these life lessons with the boys. Not only are the animals growing boys don't seem to be slowing down at all.....

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