Thursday, April 22, 2010

A cluck cluck here and a quack quack there....

We here at Baker's Acres have really been enjoying all of our baby animals! The circle of life is at times tough but a true joy to take part in. Sadly we lost two of our bigger chicks that were living our in the coop. This was a sad accident were we believe that they were smothered at the bottom of the sleep pile.....On a happy note the chicks have grown big enough to be out in the yard and not manage to run threw the fencing squares!

This is licorice who gets tons of love and attention!

The started out not even being brave enough to go out the chicken door! The word "Chicken" makes me laugh every time as I watch our little lock freak out over funny little things. Then once they seem to get their feet under them they suddenly become brave and step out on a new adventure!

They have now been out and about running in a large fenced in area with tons of room to explore! They are growing to be beautiful birds! We have been watching closely to try and see just who will rule the far we are sure of two roosters and are guessing on at least two others. I'm hoping that we don't have many. I would like to keep two and no more then three. I want to better the population of Heritage Birds by breeding in the fall and hatching. I don't however want to be over run with roosters. If we find that we seem to have more then we need I will try to relocate them to other farms that so an interest in Heritage Birds. The 15 that we hatched here at home are doing well, growing strong and before we know it will need to be out in a coop too.

The ducks though not in a proper duck house are growing and starting to get their "big bird" feathers. They are still stinky but so very much fun to watch as they jump in and out of the water bowl and chase bugs. I'm looking forward to seeing them on the pond. They once down on the pond will not be as hands on as our other animals but we will be sure to try and keep up with them as much as we can!

We are counting down until this Saturday when we bring home the twin lambs! Can't wait! We will be sure to keep you posted step by step of their arrival.

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  1. Any plans to paint the coop red to match the barn? That would look really cool!