Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More babies are on their way!

A couple of weeks ago I was told by my in laws that I really should drive out past this local farm and take a look. My mother in law told me I would love because they had fields of sheep and tons of lambs. Not that long ago we had gone down the road to see tons of lambs at another local farm and after the second drive by decided that it was not the farm for us. Although it would have been wonderful to "save" some of them by bringing them here to Baker's Acres the fear of what else we could bring back to our other animals worried me.

As we headed off threw the hills not to far away we came upon a sheep's dream! A wonderful farm with rolling hills, well kept grounds and sheep that looked healthy and happy! I called Rob right up and told him that we needed to go for a afternoon drive very soon to a wonderful place I knew that he would love to see.

On a beautifully sunny day we headed to the Farm. We pulled to the side of the road put the windows down and enjoyed listening to them and laughed as we watched the lambs running and jumping! We had hoped to reach someone at the house but sadly no one was home so I decided to leave a note. I was pleasantly surprised when I received a phone call! The gentleman that I spoke with, Paris, clearly loved sheep and all that goes along with them. He was full of information, enthusiasm and thought that maybe his bottle babies might just be a great addition to our little farm! Rob and I of course decided that we would take all four of his "bottle babies"! They will be getting picked up May 1st. There are two Rams, Jake and Gilbert, and two ewes Lily and Cordelia.

The Border Cheviot derives its very strong constitution from its origin in the hills that divide England and Scotland. That bleak landscape shaped the Border nature; extremely hardy, independent, and alert.
-A little history-
This wonderful little farm snug in the hills has a great site you should check out www.halcyongrange.com, better yet after checking it out get in touch with them and see if you can set up a visit! I know I'm really looking forward to my visit tomorrow!

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