Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eggs....eggs...and more eggs!

Our Guinea Hens have started laying! It's very exciting! These very unique birds have wonderful feathers, a voice few will forget after hearing and wonderful small eggs with very hard shells! Since we have male and female birds we decide since the incubator had not been up away yet to put some in. They take a few days more then chicken eggs and the idea that we might be able to hatch our own birds eggs is thrilling! They are cozy in the incubator along side 10 duck eggs! My Brother In-law gave us 10 of his ducks eggs to hatch for him! The boys are thrilled for the next egg challenge! Being that we are new at this we are hoping that we have good luck again. Due to the size of the duck eggs they will not fit in the egg turner so I'm turning them by hand.

Below is a picture of the new coop in front of the barn! We are hoping to add another very soon! We will have a total of 48 birds! Our 17 older chicks that are cozy in the new coop right now are grow nicely and are really starting to look grown up! They have changed a lot and have wonderful colors showing in their feathers! I do see that the Roosters are already feeling out who is boss and I know that we will have to decide who will stay and who will go. The boys will be showing at least two Roosters at the local fair.

Many of our logs have left the farm that Rob and my Father In-law and Brother In-law cut. We are waiting on the return lumber for the finishing of the machinery barn and the start of the Sugar Shack and as some point a Farm Stand.
So much is happening here on the Farm! So much is new and exciting for us all. We are enjoying sharing this with our children and watching as they jump in with both feet to be part of the experience!

Hobby's a wonderful life. If you know someone that is a Hobby Farmer take the time to pay them a visit. It will be time well spent!

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