Saturday, April 3, 2010

So much is happening here at the farm......

Spring has sure sprung here at the farm. The air is fresh and wonderful, birds are singing the flowers are popping out and baby animals are arriving! We have been tackling several project for the farm and house not to mention keeping up with busy kids lately! Wow we're so glad that the time has changed and there is more sun later in the day!

In this picture my sister in laws husband is prepping the ground for the placement of the new chicken coop that we bought. It arrived tonight and we are so excited to get it in place tomorrow! It is a wonderfully handmade coop that came from Yoders. They are located in Richfeild Springs NY. This coop is "pest proof" and we hope that will help to protect our flock.
This cute little one arrived a couple days before Easter with a sibling! So very cute! We decided that we would get the boys Bunnies for Easter. These are a Lion head/mix. Very soft and so darn cute!!!! They are very loved and are currently comfortable in the house in a rabbit cage. Rob and the boys will be working on building a hutch for them to stay in! The boys love to build with daddy. Not only are they making great memories with these projects they are learning so much in the process!

Our chicks are growing like crazy! This is one of our Heritage Delaware chicks with our oldest son! We spend a lot of time with our chicks from the beginning! They are well loved and hands are one them often! With our past flock our full grown chickens followed us everywhere. They loved people and were never really afraid of anyone. We are hoping that with this batch of chicks we have the same luck. This is however the first time that we have ever had straight run so I will find it interesting to see if there is a difference.

Our sap season has come to an end. It was a good season for us being new comers to the hobby. We weren't totally over run and unable to keep up. I do understand that those who rely on this as their lively hood are finding this hot flash we are having a big let down.....Now that we have tried our hand at this and have found out just how much work it is my heart goes out to them. We are already making plans for the building of our sugar shack this fall. We hope to have our new setup in place for next years sap run!

So much is in the works here at Baker's Acres that things are just humming! It's and exciting time of year for us all. We will keep you posted on all that is new and exciting!

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